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Solar Panel Installer Lichfield

Solar Panel Installer Lichfield – our Green Energy Solar Panel installation team operate across the breadth of the Midlands with offices in Lichfield and Tamworth. We are passionate about supporting local residents in the Lichfield area to make the transition from traditional fossil fuelled systems to greener alternatives. Below is a recent Solar Panel and Battery Storage installation in Fradley, Lichfield. 

Solar Panel Installer Lichfield

Solar Panel Installer Lichfield

Case Study - Solar Panel Installer Lichfield

This recent Solar Panel installation in Lichfield is another fantastic example of why Solar PV combined with battery storage is the perfect combination to reduce your electricity bills.

The Solar Panel installation included 14 JA Solar 410w Solar PV panels, a Hybrid Lux Power 3.6kw Inverter and 16kwh battery storage using GreenLix batteries. The inverter and battery storage system was fully installed in the customers garage along side a dedicate consumer board for the PV, Car Charger and Air Source Heat Pump

Although early days, the customer has reported a significant reduction in daily electricity import from the grid. It is also important to note that this Solar Panel system was installed in the Winter and therefore performance is reduced due to shorter days and weather conditions. However, by carefully programming the charge times, the customer has been able to balance energy produced from the yield from the Solar Panels with charging of the Battery Storage system. Payback for this installation is estimated to be between 8-10 years. 

During commissioning of the Solar Panel installation, we configured the customers Lux Power Inverter to charge at certain points during the evening to supplement charging the batteries to their full capacity. The customer can view panel performance, yield generation and charge of the batteries all through the Lux Power app. Our Solar Panel installers will carefully configure your performance monitoring system and set up the app on your phone. This all takes place during the commissioning stage. 

The customer has also signed up the Smart Export Guarantee, which enables the customer to be paid for any excess energy being sent back to the grid. To sign up to the SEG, you can find more information here

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