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Combine A Solar Battery Storage System with Solar Panels

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar Battery Storage Systems

What Is A Solar Battery System

An energy-storage system, also known as a home or solar battery system, lets you capture electricity so you can use it at another time. For example, you can generate and store the electricity your solar panels produce during the day and use it at night. 

Solar battery storage systems are typically installed as part of a solar panel installation. If you have solar PV panels, or are planning to install them, then using home batteries to store electricity you’ve generated will help you to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use and provide better returns on investment. Solar battery storage systems can also be installed as a stand alone solution to reducing your electricity bills. For example, if your property is not suitable for a solar panel installation, installing an AC Controller and battery storage will enable you to charge your batteries in the evening when the electricity is cheaper to buy and then use this electricity in the daytime (instead of buying at a higher rate). 

How Does A Solar Battery Storage System Work

Home Energy Storage

Solar battery storage are charged either by your solar panels (PV) or via an AC Controller that can be set to charge at lower off-peak electricity tariffs. The batteries are charged in DC current and then converted to useable AC through an inverter. Almost all of our customers who install solar panels will also install battery storage as part of their installation.

Pros of Solar Battery Storage

The Benefits of A Home Energy System

Solar panels and battery storage systems are the perfect combination to maximise your home energy usage

You can add multiple batteries to increase the storage capacity of your home energy storage system. This means that you can add batteries at a later date

Solar battery systems can still be installed even if you do not have solar panels. You can charge your batteries on a lower tariff and then use that energy in the daytime, saying you money.

The batteries can be easily stored in a garage, a cupboard or loft area, depending on the available space

Solar battery systems are 'fit and forget' technology, meaning that they do not require any maintenance throughout the year.

ASHPs run off electricity. If the capital funds are available to you, we would strongly recommend considering the installation of both an ASHP and Solar PV with battery storage. This will mean you will generate the electricity needed to power your Heat Pump via the solar collectors. For more information about dual low-carbon measures, please click here.

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Solar Panels & Battery Storage

Generate Electricity From Solar Panels

Solar panel and battery storage systems are fast becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Using the suns energy, the solar panels generate DC energy from the solar collectors. The inverter then converts the DC current into AC current to be used on appliances around the house. Any excess DC energy is then used to charge up your home battery storage system. Once your batteries are fully charged, any excess energy is then exported back to the grid. If you have a Solar I-boost, an excess energy being exported to the grid will first be diverted to your immersion heater on your hot water cylinder, allowing you to heat you hot water too. 

Combine An Air Source Heat Pump With Solar Panels

If you are considering an new heating system, an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) may be a good alternative to your existing system.

The benefits are a combined solar panel and ashp installation include: 

  • A cheaper and more sustainable way of heating your home
  • Power your ashp using the energy generated from your solar panels
  • ASHP’s are 400% more efficient than conventional gas boilers
  • Access grant funding of £5000 towards your heat pump installation