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Solar PV Monitoring Systems

Monitoring your solar panel performance & energy generation

Solar PV Monitoring System

Monitoring Solar PV Systems

Most Solar Panel systems that are integrated with battery storage offer remote monitoring platforms where you can view the performance of your Solar PV in real time.  Manufacturers such as Lux Power Tek, Solar Edge, Giv Energy and many more access via either a cloud based app or desktop to view your home system. 

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The Key Benefits of Installing A Solar PV Monitoring System

What Is Solar Panel Monitoring?

The Solar Panel monitoring system collects and analyses number of parameters being measured in a PV plant to monitor and/or evaluate its performance. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of any PV system, an effective monitoring system is essential.

Solar monitoring systems measure information about your system’s energy production, usually from solar inverters or a charge controller. The DC current is converted from the solar array into AC energy for use in your home

Your solar dashboard is the best way to look at how much electricity your solar panels are making across the day. Most systems come with an app you can download to your phone or other device to keep track of your system. You can also monitor the performance of you Solar Home Energy storage system.

Solar PV Panel System App

Solar Panel Monitoring system

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Monitoring

Yes – setup is very straightforward. Our installer will set the app up for you on your phone or tablet and give you a demonstration on how to use the platform.

Monitoring applications are popular app when it comes to tracking your solar system’s output and energy production. It’s also easy to access from any internet-enabled devices, including computers or tablets.

No – the setup and monitoring is a standard part of all our installations. We also offer aftercare to all our customers, so if you encounter an problem or have a question, we are always at the end of the telephone