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Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022

he Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022 - what is it?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022 (Clean Heat Grant) enables homeowners across England and Wales to be able to apply for a £5000 grant from the U.K Government as part of a drive to encourage a switch to renewable energy. These technologies include Air Source Heat PumpsBiomass Heating and Ground Source Heat Pumps. This new Government grant will support homeowners to access u to £5000 for an ASHP installation and £7000 towards a Ground Source Heat Pump installation. 

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will come into effect at the beginning of April and is expected to replace the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is due to end in March 2022. The scheme is designed to encourage homeowners to switch to low carbon heating systems through a grant incentive of up to £7000. This will enable the phasing out of fossil fuels in the coming years. In order to achieve the government’s ambitious target of installing 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028, this scheme will be a step forward towards this.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme - Low Carbon Heating

Boiler upgrade scheme april 2022.pngA low carbon heating system produces energy from natural resources such as the sun and wind. Instead of relying on traditional fuels such as gas, oil or coal for heating and hot water, these systems use energy from renewable sources. It is possible to reduce the amount of CO2 your homes emit by replacing outdated, low efficiency heating systems such as gas and oil fuelled boilers to low-carbon heating solutions. 

If you are unsure about what low carbon heating measures are available, please click here for some ideas 7 Low Carbon Heating Measures

What Low Carbon Systems Are Includes in The Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022?

Under the Clean Heat Grant Boiler Upgrade Scheme, homeowners can apply for a grant towards the following:

It is worth noting that not all renewable energy systems work the same way, and some are more expensive to run than others. For example, an Air Source Heat Pump runs off electricity rather than gas. Whilst you will not be paying a gas bill, your homes electricity bill will increase. With a poorly insulated house, this could prove costly. It is always advisable to discuss your requirements with an accredited retrofit assessor such as Renuvo, who will be able to advise you on the best measure for your property. To help you make an informed decision regarding your Air Source Heat Pump installation, we have put together a helpful ‘ASHP Reality Check‘ form to make you aware of some fundamental requirements when installing an ASHP. 

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Eligibility Criteria to Receive The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The eligibility criteria for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme are similar to that of Domestic RHI as the grant is expected to replace RHI in helping existing homes. These include:

  1. A valid EPC that has a rating between A and G and is within 10 years
  2. The property must be an existing building or custom made construction (retrofit). The Clean Home Grant is not available for new build properties. 
  3. You must get at least 2 quotes from an MSC approved contractor to carry out the work
  4. Approved contractors music hold MCS and be TrustMark registered under Government backed scheme.

How To Apply For The Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022

Homeowners can apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme April 2022 after they have consulted with and received at least one quotation from a certified installer. Once the vouchers have been issued, work must be completed within 3 months for biomass boilers and air source heat pumps.

This timeline is extended to 6 months for time-consuming, bigger installations such as ground source heat pumps and water source heat pumps. Vouchers of up to £7,000 will be made available and can be redeemed once the work has been completed. 

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